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Study Spanish in Havana, one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in the Americas and a melting pot of cultures.

Cuba’s economic, cultural and political centre, Havana is a lively, fun-loving capital. Its old town is like a living museum, with its incredible colonial architecture brought to life by the country’s intoxicating music that combines influences from jazz, salsa, African and Caribbean music. Outside music, Cuba’s biggest exports are rum and cigars and in Havana you can see where both are made on a trip to the Havana Club Rum Factory or a cigar factory, as well as trying your fair share in the city’s many bars. 

To get to know the city, take a stroll along the Malecón (the coastal promenade where young Cubans like to meet), go on a tour of the city in a stylish American vintage car, watch the famous Tropicana cabaret show or learn about the country’s recent political history at the Museum of the Revolution. For those days when you would like to just relax, you can enjoy the Caribbean sunshine on one of the beautiful beaches a short drive away. 


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Founded in 1977, Study Team was the first Spanish language school in Cuba. For Study Team, cultural understanding is very important, so a particular emphasis is put on learning about Cuban life and culture. For this reason, Study Team’s lessons do not take in a main school building but in a local home or cultural centre. To help further students’ develop their cultural understanding of the island,

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At our partner school Sprachcaffe, you can immerse yourself in Cuban culture in the beautiful city of Havana. With thirty language schools all over the world, Sprachcaffe has a strong reputation for offering quality language courses abroad. Founded in 2001, the Havana school offers a range of Spanish courses in a comfortable and laid-back environment. You can also choose to combine your Spanish cl

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Estudio Sampere offers a truly unique opportunity for students wanting to learn Spanish in Havana. The school has an instantly welcoming atmosphere, in part due to the entirely Cuban staff, which form their professional and committed team. The school is located in the La Vibora neighborhood, just 15 minutes away from the busy downtown streets of Habana Vieja. The school is surrounded by parks and

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