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Learn Italian in Taormina (Sicily)

Study Italian in the beautiful and historically rich Taormina, a city located on the island of Sicily, famous for its incredible views and multicultural background.

Sicily's sites of interest

Sicily is the ideal destination for lovers of culture and history, where you will encounter ancient archeological remains all over the island, including old streets, theaters and the astonishing “Valle dei Templi” (Valley of the Temples). On the east coast, you will find the lively town of Catania, the most youthful part of the island, with many bars exuding a bohemian lifestyle, but Catania doesn't forget its important cultural side, as the center of its town itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The famous Sicilian beaches are visited by tourists almost all year round, thanks to the excellent Mediterranean climate and buzzing atmosphere which lasts from the day into the night. The coasts and beaches preferred by tourists are those of Taormina, Trapani and Palermo, the capital of Sicily itself. Palermo’s streets are made up of a mix of Byzantine cathedrals, theaters, and catacombs as well as quirky bars and restaurants bursting with Sicilian specialties. If it is adrenaline you’re searching, climbing the most famous active volcano on the island is a must. Mount Etna and her famous smoking vents and spectacular eruptions can be witnessed well into the night.


Taormina, known as “The Pearl of Europe” for its beautiful natural landscapes and Sicilian elegance, is one of the places known for being the destination of the rich and famous since the start of the last century. The city was formerly protected by walls, of those which only the arches remain to this day. The arches are now part of the entry to the main street, Corso Umberto, where you can find beautiful churches, clothing shops, jewelers, crafts, cafés and restaurants. If you would like to learn more about the history of the city, a visit to the ancient theater of Taormina is a must. The ancient Greek theater still holds concerts and theater performances to this day, with a view which overlooks the beautiful Ionian Sea.

Language & Culture

Sicily has a unique culture, known worldwide as being different from that of the Italians, making them almost different countries, so much so that the Sicilian locals often consider themselves Sicilian before Italian. The official language of Sicily is Italian, and although many communities speak Sicilian, you will not find it difficult to meet and practice your speaking skills with the locals, who are welcoming and quick to strike up a conversation, making Taormina the ideal place to take your Italian course.


Schools in Taormina (Sicily)