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Study Italian in the attractive coastal town of Salerno, a lively port city known for its rich cultural history and location on one of Europe’s most enchanting coastlines.

Salerno is a historic city dating from Roman times that has a modern, lively atmosphere. In the centro storico you can enjoy visiting the medieval churches and traditional trattorias, as well as going to trendy wine bars and boutique shops. The home to the world’s first medical school (the Schola Medica Salernitana), Salerno has long had a large student population, which is reflected in the city’s young, dynamic personality. Salerno is also known for its wide variety of delicious pasta, pizza and seafood. Here you can find numerous fantastic restaurants, from very high end establishments to great street food joints. 

From Salerno you can easily explore Pasetum, Capri, Pompeii, Naples and many other attractions within the region, such as the Cliento and Vallo di Diano National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Closer by, there are various beautiful beaches and smaller towns along the Amalfi coast, as well as picturesque walks along the cliffs.

Language schools in Salerno

Language courses abroad in Accademia Italiana

Although the Accademia Italiana is a relatively young school, having been founded in 1997, it has already been shortlisted four times for Study Travel Magazine’s award for the best Italian language school. Located on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, it is a fantastic choice for those who would like to mix Italian lessons with an amazing holiday.

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