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Learn English in Chicago

When you meet the locals in this giant city, you will realize you have chosen a great place to study!

The “Windy City”, Chicago is one of the most interesting destinations in the world, with a mix of unique architecture, art museums, and sporting matches to keep you entertained. If it is the architecture that interests you, visiting the Millenium Park is a must, where you can see the famous sculpture which is nicknamed “The Bean”, or maybe you could enjoy a concert at the beautiful Pritzker Pavilion designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry.

The culinary scene is also booming in Chicago, with anything from fast-food to up market dining experiences for every visitor’s taste and budget. Try a slice of the traditional Chicago "deep dish" pizza which is made with many ingredients in a deep pan or a Chicago style hot-dog with many toppings. Despite being a large and busy city, Chicago has many spots to relax. During the summertime visit one of the many parks, or even visit one of the inner city beaches on Lake Michigan.

When the sun goes down there is plenty to keep visitors entertained, with Chicago being one of the most famous places worldwide for theater and music.  A performance in one of the hundreds of theaters or a jazz or blues concert will not be hard to find here.

Chicago has something for everyone, making it a fantastic destination to study. Whilst accents vary throughout the USA, and the Chicago accent is quite unique, English learned here will be understood throughout the USA and English speaking world.


Schools in Chicago

Kaplan International

Stafford House

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