Yalea Rating Index
Yalea Rating Index
Yalea Rating Index
Yalea Rating Index

Yalea Rating Index

The Yalea Rating Index (YRI) is an independent index of language school reviews based on various sources. The reviews are summarized in a graph and averaged to give the school an overall rating out of five stars.

What do the stars mean?

It's really easy: The higher the number of stars, the more positive the reviews. As a result, in just one glance you can benefit from unbiased, independent feedback from students all over the world. Detailed student feedback in the form of comments also gives you the chance to better understand why the school has achieved the star rating that it has.

How does the YRI work?

Aggregated reviews

  • Different sources such as Google, Facebook reviews, Yalea client reviews and other sources, all checked by the Yalea Rating Index Team for their quality and objectivity, are used to make up the YRI.

  • The sources are analysed and put into a clear and meaningful index.

  • Rating scales from different sources are converted into the Yalea five star scale.

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