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Learn Russian in Moscow

Study Russian in Moscow, Russia’s political, economic and cultural centre.

Combining historical sites, fantastic cultural activities and a bustling atmosphere, the Russian capital is an inspiring choice for your language course abroad. Found in the city’s very heart, the Kremlin and Red Square are probably its most famous sights and were both declared UNESCO world heritage sites in 1990. In the same area, you will find the impressive St Basil’s Cathedral, as well as numerous other museums, galleries and beautiful churches. When you add to this the Bolshoi theatre and a reputation for changing the course of musical and artistic history, you can see why Moscow is a must visit for culture and history lovers.

Although it is the country’s Tsarist past and the associated lavish architecture that most excites visitors, the marks left by the USSR are also fascinating. You can learn more about this more recent period in Russia’s history in the Bunker-42 Cold War Museum, VDNKh or by visiting the many monuments, or you can get your own feel for this time in a more fun way in one of the retro clubs or cafes offering an authentic Soviet experience.

In a country famous for its vodka, it goes without saying that Moscow has an incredible nightlife. Here there are clubs, restaurants and bars to suit every taste and budget. If you fancy a relaxing afternoon after some busy days learning Russian and nights hitting the town, why not visit one of the city’s bathhouses? Having a weekly hot steam is an important tradition in Moscow, especially amongst the older generation, and there are numerous banyas spread across the city.


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