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Learn Portuguese in Faro

Study Portuguese in Faro, the relaxed capital of the Algarve region of Portugal. Often overlooked for the nearby party beach resorts, Faro offers the opportunity to take a language course in a small, yet charming town on the Portuguese coast. 

Old City 
Many people pass through Faro on the way to its surrounding beaches, still, there are many hidden treasures to be discovered here. The well preserved Cidade Velha (Old City) is a beautiful part of town to explore on foot. The Moorish influence can be clearly seen in the architecture of the 18th-century buildings. Enjoy a quiet drink or feast on a fresh seafood dish in one of the charming restaurants and bars you will stumble upon hidden in the narrow streets. The cobbled streets give way to wide plazas and parks where you can walk amongst the trees and enjoy the 300 days of sunshine which Faro receives each year. The 13th-century Cathedral of Faro is a great place to visit when you first arrive, where you can admire the incredible tiled walls before climbing to the rooftop for a view over the Old City and the city’s marina towards the ocean.

Faro is also a well-known destination for nature and bird lovers. The Ria Formosa lagoon and system of inlets and islands are home to up to 20,000 birds during migration as the birds pass from Africa to Europe. Taking a boat trip out to these islands is a lovely way to spend a day and spot some unique wildlife.

Faro is the gateway to the Algarve region, and from here it is easy to visit the stunning famous beaches. The most popular are Praia da Marinha, which lies at the bottom of a spectacular cliff face or Praia da Falésia which stretches for kilometers along the coastline, making for the perfect day or weekend excursion from Faro.  

Standard Portuguese is spoken throughout Portugal with little variation except for in the north of the country close to the northern border with Spain. Learners will find that Faro is an ideal place to take a Portuguese course. 


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