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Learn Portuguese in Olinda

Take your Portuguese course in the colonial town of Olinda on Brazil's north east coast. The town has such well-preserved colonial buildings that the city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, there are many beautiful churches to admire along Olinda's winding cobble-stones streets.

Olinda also has a reputation for being a creative town, and you will find many galleries, markets, workshops and museums amongst the colorfully painted houses. This artistic streak can be particularly admired during Carnaval, with Olinda's festivities being seen as some of the most important and authentic in Brazil. Unlike many other popular carnavals, entry is free of charge. 

Olinda is also well situated for visitors to explore the Pernambuco region, with Recife only a twenty minute drive away and Igarassu, Itamaraca island and the beaches of Pau Amarelo and Janga are not far away.


Schools in Olinda

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