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Learn German in Vienna

Study German in Vienna, the Austrian capital famed for its impressive architecture, inspiring cultural activities and delicious cuisine.

For those who are interested in architecture and design, Vienna is a fantastic city to explore. The city harmoniously combines tradition and modernity in every corner, for example in the heart of the city centre you will find the impressive gothic cathedral of St Stephen’s right opposite the strikingly modern Haas Haus. In fact, Vienna contains immaculate examples of many important architectural styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau and Modernistm. For those interested in finding out more about these cultural developments and the historical events that accompanied them, the city has numerous museums, palaces and galleries worth visiting 

Some of the most famous classical composers were born in Vienna and you will instantly note the city’s link to classical music when you arrive. The city contains one of the world’s most famous opera houses, numerous concerts are given daily across the city and music education is an important part of growing up in Austria. However, the city not only celebrates cultural traditions from its past, it also has a big electronic and techno music scene and there are numerous bars and clubs to explore.

Filled with coffee houses and restaurants, the Viennese know how to live well. Why not spend a lazy afternoon enjoying a Viennese coffee and a piece of Sachertorte in one of the city’s impeccably presented cafes such as the grand Café Central or the former artists’ favorite Café Hawelka? The city also contains numerous Beisln with traditional food and wine as well as some very up market restaurants where talented chefs experiment with new culinary ideas.

Previously named as the world city with the highest quality of life, Vienna is very safe. Furthermore, as it is located fairly centrally in the country, it is easy to visit other parts of Austria from here, as well as to travel to neighboring countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy.  

In Austria, the people speak slightly differently to the German you will find in Germany, and there is a specific Viennese dialect. Viennese German has a unique accent and specific vocabulary, but you will soon easily pick up the local way of speaking and your language school will help you to understand the way it differs from other Germany-speaking countries. Viennese German is generally considered very pleasant-sounding and the locals are known for their good sense of humor, particularly their witty sarcasm.


Schools in Vienna

Actilingua Academy