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Learn French in Montreux

Learn French in the Swiss town of Montreux, known for its wine, beautiful landscapes and massive music culture. The town of Montreux is located in the western part of Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is the ideal place from where you can explore the many towns which dot the lake’s shores. This captivating place attracts many tourists throughout the year thanks to its climate and tranquil atmosphere, which you will feel as you walk the narrow streets and admire the buildings of the Belle Époque era. Here you can enjoy long walks along the shores of Lake Geneva, as the main promenade extends for kilometers along the lakeside, offering many opportunities to spot the colorful native flowers, or, if you prefer you can also pass the time sipping a coffee whilst you admire the view of the lake.

It is easy to access the town’s main attractions on foot, such as the Chillon castle, a 13th-century fort which is now open to the public. Those lucky enough to visit Montreux on the Swiss national day will see the castle illuminated when the sun sets in the evening. Another attraction not to be missed is without a doubt the famous wine terraces of Lavaux, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the special Chasselas white wine has been produced since the 11th century. If you would like to explore further afield, taking the Golden Pass train has panoramic windows which allow you to witness the lovely villages as you pass by, a stunning view regardless of the season.

Many people have ended up marveling at this enchanting town, even making it their home. Freddy Mercury, the front man of Queen, lived in Montreux whilst working on his compositions in the final years of his life. On the lake's shores, you can see the statue commemorating his life in Montreux. The Barrière Montreux Casino is also well known amongst music lovers. Here names such as David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and Queen recorded some of their albums. Today the casino has a mini museum dedicated to the work of Queen, where you can see the bands’ souvenirs and memorabilia. If you would like to experience some live music, the Montreux Jazz Festival is a summer event not to be missed. In the summer leading jazz players and famous singers from all over the world meet here to entertain their guests.  

The official language of Montreux and which is taught in schools is standard French, however many locals speak Swiss French which has a few minor differences to the standard French of France. Despite this, you will not have trouble communicating in Montreux or in other French speaking parts of Switzerland. Here you can practice your new language skills and perhaps pick up some Swiss French words in the peaceful yet culturally outstanding destination that is Montreux.


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