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Learn English in Kuala Lumpur

Take an English course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's vibrant capital city.

In just 150 years Kuala Lumpur went from being a small Chinese mining village to a sprawling modern metropolis. Today the city's beautiful skyline mixes elegant skyscrapers, historical temples, colonial buildings, lush parks and colorful mosques, which give it a unique look that reflects its multicultural character. Within the city you will find Malay, Chinese, Indian and expatriate communities and it’s this diversity that has created the city’s air of tolerance and respect.

In Kuala Lumpur, two of the most popular pastimes are shopping and eating. Consumer culture here is big and as a result you will find you can easily get lost exploring the glamorous shopping malls in the city's Golden Triangle district. In terms of cuisine, in Kuala Lumpur you can find the very best food from all corners of Asia, whether it be from the city’s markets and street food stalls or in the very best glitzy restaurants.

Although the official language in Kuala Lumpur is Malay, English is the first language of many of the locals and a very important language for communication in daily life and business. The city was under British administration for over 75 years, during which time much of the city's major growth took place so the influence from this period can still be felt in some of the city's architecture and infrastructure. 


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