Study abroad in Schull

Schull on the Southern coast of Ireland is not just a favored holiday destination of the Irish but also a fantastic choice for an English course. In this small town, the hours seem to pass by slower than in the rest of the world, leaving your mind free to wander.

Schull is built on the edge of the Skull Harbor, surrounded by green hills and fields. The village itself has a lovely main street lined with colorful shops and buildings.

Whenever possible, the Schull locals head to the water, where they can sail, snorkel or waterski. Every year the Fastnet International Schools Regatta is held here, and everyone from small children to the elderly are waiting with anticipation for this event which is not to be missed.

Here, where the time seems to stop, you will find yourself able to focus on your language studies.

Language schools in Schull

Two girls stands infront of a circle of rocks

Our friendly partner school is located in Schull, a great destination to take an English course abroad. Thanks to the welcoming and family-like atmosphere, students at Atlantic SEAL will feel like they are at home here.

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