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Learn English in Cambridge

Take an English course in Cambridge, the well-known historical university town.

The University of Cambridge, one of the best universities in the world, was founded here in 1209 and ever since then the city has been synonymous with education of the highest standards. Nowadays, the city is home to two universities and a whole host of other educational establishments, meaning that there is a large student population, giving the city a youthful atmosphere.

The beautiful ancient buildings of the University’s various colleges and departments are found all over the city. Many of these buildings have not changed in hundreds of years so this is a fascinating destination for history lovers. To see them at their best, why not take a walking tour or hire a punt and glide down the River Cam while admiring the wonderful architecture? You can enter many university buildings for free or at a small fee (except during exam periods) and inside you will find some enchanting hidden gardens and beautiful chapels.

Cambridge is a small city and many of the locals like to find their way through the winding, cobbled streets by bicycle. The city has a number of interesting museums and galleries, and during the summer there are various fairs and festivals such as the Cambridge Beer Festival in May, the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival every July and August, and the Cambridge Film Festival in September.


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