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Study Chinese in Shanghai, China’s most modern city.

Shanghai, the second largest city in the world, has an impressive skyline filled with cloud scraping futuristic buildings. However, the city doesn't only feature modern architecture; here you can also find art deco buildings, Buddhist temples and Jewish synagogues. Located on the Yangtze River estuary, the reflections of these spectacular buildings sparkle in the water. 

A global financial centre, transport hub and luxury shopping destination, the city also offers visitors an incredible range of entertainment options. From contemporary art galleries and jazz clubs to acrobatic shows and electro dance parties, Shanghai has something to suit everyone’s taste. The same can be said for dining: food is a central part of Chinese social life and in Shanghai there is a huge range of restaurants for all budgets. 

Although this is a city known for its modernity, if you are looking to discover more about China's ancient cultural heritage, there is still plenty to discover in Shanghai. For a break from the bustle, you can spend an afternoon exploring the Jade Buddha Temple or the Yuyuan Gardens.


LocationEastern China, on the Yangtze River estuary
ClimateSubtropical monsoon climate

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Founded in Beijing in 2005, That's Mandarin’s teaching methods focus on the periodic evaluation of each student's progress. As a result, the school can identify each student's learning needs and put them in the course best suited to them. The school is situated in the Jing'an district, where the Jing'an Buddhist Temple is also located. That's Mandarin has a welcoming atmosphere with bright, moder

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