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Better together

Language courses abroad & group courses

Group courses are the most popular choice for a language course abroad. You will attend classes in company of students from all over the world and at the same language level.

In order for you to be placed in the right group according to your level, you will take a placement test on the first day of school. During your classes, you will be using various learning materials such as books, computer-based exercises, online resources, as well as participating in different activities that will both enhance your learning process and allow you to practice your new language skills with your classmates and other people in real-life situations. The number of students in each group varies according to the school and type of course you are attending. During your course, you'll also take several progress tests in order to keep track of your achievements. At the end of your course you will normally get a certificate of attendance.  

Possible lesson times:

- In the morning, afternoon or evening
- Full day (morning + afternoon)
- Variable: will be determined on site; combination of morning and afternoon classes


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