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Your campaign with Yalea Languages

Yalea’s innovative e-learning tools use the latest technology to provide a set of comprehensive educational products that enable limitless language learning.

Reach your target market

The users of Yalea’s e-learning products usually have a high level of education and an interest in languages and culture, and they are well travelled, eager to learn and confident internet users. When they are using Yalea’s online language learning tools, this group is normally motivated, attentive and ready to learn.

As a result, Yalea's online e-learning products provide the perfect setting for advertising your products or services to this target group. You can use our network of online products and the regular publication of our language magazines to create a comprehensive advertising campaign.


The online language magazine TeaTime-Mag introduces its readers to English language and culture by focusing on themes including business, economy, new technology, lifestyle, the arts, music, etc.

TeaTime-Mag includes the online magazine with the same name, which contains lots of interesting articles that combine e-learning tools with interesting points for discussion, as can be found by in the TeaTime-Mag platform.

TeaTime-Mag's target audience is young, urban and online.

The special section of this platform entitled TeaTime-Mag for Teachers contains content directed towards teachers who are interested in creative and modern teaching methods.

TeaTime Mag


20 countries - 20 worlds: the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Spanish speaking world is the focus of our online language magazine VeinteMundos.

This magazine contains interesting articles about the Spanish language and draws upon numerous learning tools, working in conjunction with Yalea’s other e-learning products.

VeinteMundos para Profesores is an online platform specially designed for teachers, which provides valuable lesson material.



VocBox was developed to enable its users to learn vocabulary online in a simple and effective way, regardless of their location. allows you to create your own vocabulary cards, as well as to use the sets of cards created by other students. In VocBox you can find lists of vocabulary used in the language magazines VeinteMundos and TeaTime-Mag.

The VocBox iPhone app makes your language learning even more efficient by giving you maximum flexibility as to when and where you practice.



The online dictionary VocDix provides high quality translations for the following language combinations: Spanish and English; English and German; Spanish and German.

In addition to this translation feature, it contains a forum where users can discuss language variations, including specific sayings.

With its intuitive interface, VocDix is the perfect learning tool for anyone who wants to develop their written communication skills in a foreign language.


We would be delighted to work with you to create a tailor-made advertising package that fits your requirements. During our consultation process, we will find the best medium and timing for your campaign to ensure it reaches your target audience at just the right moment.

In the following document you will find more detailed information about advertising through our online products:

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