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Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Learn Spanish in Uruguay, a friendly country with long sandy beaches, a rocky coastline and picturesque seaside towns.

Uruguay is a small Spanish speaking country on the Atlantic coast, between Brazil and Argentina. The vast majority of the population is European in origin and this is why it is considered to be the most European country in Latin America, although there are also indigenous and African influences. With its fields and forests, the landscapes in Uruguay are also reminiscent of Europe. In some areas, herds of cattle can be seen grazing in green meadows. You can also find an amazing array or flora and fauna that have evolved gradually in unspoilt natural landscapes.  

Uruguay was an important Spanish colonial territory and as a result in many towns you can admire the historical architecture, visit the numerous museums and explore the city walls and colonial buildings. In Montevideo these buildings provide an interesting contrast to the more modern architecture. Outside the capital, you can also discover small pretty fishing villages, idyllic beaches with clear blue sea and thermal springs in Almirón and the Northeast.

However, Uruguay has much more to offer than just landscapes and architecture: it also has a lively, fun-loving atmosphere. Along with Argentina, Uruguay is well-known as the birthplace of tango and has a carnival famous for being one of the longest in the world (lasting 45 days). The carnival takes place in February and culminates with the Llamadas, popular parades through Montevideo’s old town. The capital also hosted football’s first World Cup in 1930 and became the first world champions, having beaten Argentina in the finals.

The local cuisine is centered around meat, and asado (barbecue) is the national dish and a favorite meal to share with family or friends. Chivito is another traditional dish: a burger comprised of a fillet of beef, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise and an egg. Maté is the national drink, a hot herbal drink that was drunk by the indigenous people of the region. The drink’s name comes from a pumpkin-like fruit, which is dried and hallowed out to be used as a mug from which to drink from. Maté can be drunk at any time of day and is always poured fresh, which is why you will see many locals with a thermos flask under their arm. 


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Currency: Uruguayan Peso (UYU)

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