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Learn Spanish in Madrid

Take a Spanish course in Madrid and get to know Spain's vibrant and cosmopolitan capital.

Combining beautiful ancient and modern architecture with an array of interesting museums, this city has much to offer those interested in culture and history. Madrid is the ideal city to learn more about the former Spanish empire, being the home of the Royal Palace and some of the country's most impressive churches and cathedrals. 

Madrid has a particularly lively nightlife, with more bars per capita than anywhere else in Europe. Madrileños will stay out as late as 7am, enjoying the many restaurants, bars and nightclubs along the Gran Vía.

Madrid also contains a number of large parks and green spaces, where the locals like to enjoy a leisurely stroll on Sundays. Here you can sunbathe, enjoy a coffee in one of the open air cafes or take a rowing boat out on the lake. A wonderful way to relax after a night on the town!


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