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Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca, the perfect place to combine your language course abroad with trips to the Mexican highlands!

Due to its pleasant mild climate, the famous natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt referred to Cuernavaca as the "City of eternal spring", a name which it still carries today. Many Mexicans travel from the capital to Cuernavaca to relax, but the city also offers buzzing nightlife with modern clubs, bars and restaurants. The district 3 de Mayo is worth a visit,  where handicraft shops are side by side, where you can find the ceramics that Cuernavaca is known for. If you enjoy exploring on foot, you will find the botanic garden Jardín Borda a wonderful place to visit, where you can enjoy the cooling shadows of the trees whilst strolling around in the delightful park and even take a visit to the cultural center. 

Cuernavaca is centrally located and therefore a great starting point to explore Mexico. Mexico City as well as the well-known volcano Popocatépetl are only a 1-2 hour drive away. The connection to the capital is very well developed and comfortable thanks to regularly operated, air-conditioned buses. From Cuernavaca you can go see tremendous Aztec temples or the palace of the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés.  

Not only is Spanish the second most widespread language in the world, Mexico is the second biggest Spanish speaking country. In Cuernavaca, as in many other cities in Mexico, people speak a very clear and well articulated Spanish in comparison to other Latin American countries. Such an easy to understand dialect is very helpful when learning a foreign language.


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