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Learn Spanish in Mexico

A country of diverse contrasts, Mexico is a fascinating destination for your Spanish course. Mexico effortlessly combines the old and the new, with ancient ruins left by pre-Colombian Civilizations, charming Colonial towns, fast-paced modern cities and adrenalin-filled outdoor activities.

The Mexican landscape is no less varied, ranging from stunning white sandy beaches on the Yucatán Peninsula and northern deserts, to jungles in the South and snowy mountains in the central region. An additional draw is the country´s cuisine, with spicy salsa and crisp tacos copied the world over. You will also find a great selection of beer and, of course, tequila and mezcal to help get the fiesta started!

In Mexico there are many expressions that, although they are not used in other Spanish speaking countries, are still understood in Spain and Latin America. Mexican Spanish is spoken very clearly so even beginners will be able to communicate quickly. 


Learn Spanish in

Mexico - Travel Guide

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Currency: Peso Mexicano (MXN)

Tip / Propina: especially in tourist zones often already included; otherwise 10-15%.

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in Mexico.

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There are also differences in the cuisine in Mexico between coast, highlands, south and north. In the south, chili is the main ingredient, while beef is the most used ingredient in the north. Corn tortillas are served with almost every dish.

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