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Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Vivid colorful markets, adventurous bus journeys, fascinating Mayan ruins hidden amongst the lush jungle and impressive towering volcanoes, Guatemala is a vibrant and diverse destination waiting to be discovered. Guatemala boasts a relatively undeveloped landscape outside of its cities and towns, with an abundant mix of jungles, highlands, caves, volcanoes and beautiful coastline. 

Whilst it is a beautiful country to explore, Guatemala has suffered from a long turbulent political history, including military coups and civil war, which ended in 1996. Since the civil war ended, Guatemala has seen significant growth economically, with tourism especially becoming a significant part of the Guatemalan economy. The Guatemalans are friendly and welcoming, and this combined with beautifully preserved Spanish colonial relics, Mayan ruins and abundant bio-diverse natural ecosystems is surely the reason for such significant tourism growth.

A quintessential experience is exploring the country by bus, riding one of the famous small, locally known “chicken buses”, shoulder to shoulder with locals. Must see destinations in Guatemala are the well preserved city of Antigua and its volcanoes, the breathtaking limestone pool system of Semuc Champey and backpacker favorite of Lake Atitlan.

The Guatemalan accent is very clear and easy to understand, making this destination ideal for beginners. Here they will adapt easily and have many opportunities to practice Spanish, even picking up new local words for a taste of the local culture.


Learn Spanish in

Guatemala - Travel Guide

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Currency: Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ)
The price level in Guatemala is among the lowest in Latin America. Almost all everyday products can be bought for a fraction of Western European prices. In some tourist regions, especially in the old Mayan cities, it can happen that you pay twice as much for everything.

Tip / Propina: 10% are expected (the staff depends on it)

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in Guatemala.

Public transport
In Guatemala you mainly travel by bus. You should consider delays and breakdowns in your travel plans. Often the buses are old and the roads bumpy. It is not advisable to drive overland at night, as accidents and assaults are more frequent.

Voltage & sockets
120 V (as in the USA)
Japanese plug with two vertical flat metal pins
American plug with two vertical flat metal pins and one round metal pin at the bottom in the middle

The Spanish cultural heritage is mainly expressed in the official language and the buildings. In the former capital Antigua there are still many well-preserved colonial buildings. Guatemala's diverse arts and crafts reveal the Mayan culture. The colourfully patterned fabrics, jewellery and ceramics are created in indigenous designs. Cuisine Guatemala's cuisine is rather simple, but exotic. The staple foods are corn, rice, plantains, beans and chicken or meat. Corn flour is used to make tortillas, small dumplings, for example, which form the basis for a wide variety of dishes. Corn leaves are even cooked directly and eaten from the leaf itself. In addition, there is a variety of fresh fruit all year round.

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