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Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Study Spanish in Ecuador and discover the country’s natural beauty. 

With volcanoes, Amazonian rainforest, colonial cities, beaches and traditional villages, there is much to discover in this incredible country. The Galápagos Islands are particularly famous for their otherworldly landscapes and biodiversity, attracting nature lovers from all over the world, but there are many beautiful sites to see on the mainland too. Outside your Spanish classes, you can visit colorful markets in the Andean villages, relax on a white sandy beach, search for monkeys and toucans in the rainforest or admire the architecture in Quito, the capital. If you would like to see as much of the country as possible while learning Spanish, the 'Travelling Classroom' program might be perfect for you. This special course combines Spanish lessons in four Ecuadorian destinations and includes travel between each place.

In Ecuador, they speak Spanish very clearly and beginners will find it easy to understand the local accent. There are also a number of indigenous languages still spoken in Ecuador, of which Quechuan is the most common.


Learn Spanish in

Ecuador - Travel Guide

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Safety and security
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Currency: US Dollar (USD)
The price level in Ecuador is many times lower than in Northern Europe. Our tip: If you really want to save money, avoid the modern shopping centers in the big cities. The branded goods offered there are also expensive in Ecuador.

Tip / Propina: 10-15% are expected

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in Ecuador.

Public transport
For longer distances there are direct and relatively comfortable buses. For the adventurous, there are local buses that stop at several places, but always arrive at their destination on detours. These buses should not be used overnight, as accidents are more frequent. Domestic flights are also recommended for very long distances. The bus system in Quito is difficult for foreigners to understand. But along the main traffic routes there is a simple, metro-like bus system called Ecovía.

Voltage & sockets
120 V (as in the USA) Japanese plug with two vertical flat metal pins

The culture of Ecuador is characterized by Indian as well as colonial influences. The Indian culture is reflected above all in the traditional music, which can be described as melancholic Andes music. The indigenous influence can still be seen in painting, too, although the Spaniards taught the indigenous people to paint religious art in colonial style during the colonial period. The architecture of Ecuador is also predominantly from the time of the Spanish conquerors. The colonial church buildings are mainly baroque

For Europeans, eating grilled guinea pigs (Cuyi), which has been a feast in Ecuador since the Inca period, is certainly unusual. More common are the typical potato or chicken soups. The main dishes are often boiled or grilled chicken, roasted beef or pork with corn cakes (tortillas) or rice. The ceviche, a cocktail of raw shrimps, oysters, pieces of fish and mussel meat with lime juice and spices, is a popular menu on the coast.

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