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Learn Spanish in Santiago de Cuba

Study Spanish in Santiago de Cuba, a city central to the growth of Cuban literature, music, politics and architecture. 

The second largest city on the island, this port's unique identity was shaped by the various immigrants from Haiti, Africa and Spain who made Cuba their home in the 19th century. The arrival of the Americans a century later shaped the look and feel of the city even more, making modern day Santiago de Cuba an intoxicating mix of frenetic urban centre and authentic Caribbean town.

Santiago de Cuba has long been associated with politics and culture: it was here that Fidel Castro launched his Revolution and many musical genres were born. If you're looking for a taste of the local sound, head to La Casa de Trova, which is so popular you can often find locals dancing to the music on the streets outside the building.

The city's location on the Caribbean coast and close to the Sierra Maestra mountains makes it a fantastic destination in which you can enjoy a range of outdoor activities. These may include hiking, climbing, scuba diving, adventure sports, and much more.


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