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Learn Spanish in Viña del Mar

Study Spanish in the trendy city of Viña del Mar on the Pacific coast. 

Viña del Mar is a modern, lively city lined with skyscrapers, beautiful parks and long beaches. It is a popular spot with holiday-makers from Santiago and Argentina who come to enjoy the sunshine and the great nightlife in Reñaca. The 'Festival de Viña' takes place here every year in February, the most important international music festival in Latin America where the continent's most famous stars take centre stage. The city’s name translates to Vineyard of the Sea, and here visitors can enjoy the mix of some of Chile’s best offerings: delicious wine and fresh seafood. In this part of the world, everyone can enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean and coastline. 

Despite being affected by a number of earthquakes throughout its history, Viña del Mar still has a number of 19th century buildings, which mixed with newer developments results in an eclectic architecture mix. Viña del Mar has also earned the nickname of “The Garden City” for its large botanic garden. Numerous restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, bars and the city’s art deco casino are all popular destinations for visitors and locals alike. There is no lack of entertainment in Viña del Mar, but for those who want more, a visit to Valparaíso is an easy and interesting excursion from the city.

Just on the other side of the bay lies Viña del Mar's neighboring city, Valparaíso – a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as 'the pearl of the Pacific'. The view from one of the city’s many lookouts reveals secret rooftop restaurants, hidden bars and live music venues to be discovered. The winding, hilly streets are filled with multicolored houses, creative street art and historical funiculars. Valparaíso has attracted poets, writers, artists and dreamers from all over the world, and you will immediately see why so many have drawn inspiration from this charming city.

These two cities lie side by side on the Pacific coastline and the fact that they are very contrasting means they complement each other perfectly. As a result, during your trip to Viña del Mar you can easily enjoy the best of these two worlds. Yalea Languages is based in Chile and our consultants are equipped with the best knowledge to help you plan your Spanish language and Chilean experience today. 

Contact us at our Santiago based Yalea office and our experts will help you plan your Spanish language course and Chilean adventure! 


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