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Learn Spanish in Córdoba

Study Spanish in Córdoba, the second largest city in Argentina known for its Spanish ruins, nightlife and as a great jump off point to explore the Sierra Chica and the Andes.

Córdoba is the colonial capital of Argentina, and nowhere can this be better seen than in the pedestrian zone in the town center, where you can walk around peacefully admiring the remnants of colonial architecture amongst modern buildings. The city is bustling with many people visiting the main downtown area surrounding the Plaza San Martin, where there are many shops, cafes and restaurants.

The city of Córdoba is also the capital of the Córdoba region which is well known for its more rural Argentine Gaucho culture, which is different from that of the metropolitan atmosphere of Buenos Aires. The city is at the foothills of the Sierras de Cordoba mountain ranges which extend from Córdoba to the west towards the Andes. This makes Córdoba a popular place from which to visit the surrounding towns, lakes and mountains.  There are many activities to try here including hiking, windsurfing, or for the more adventurous, skydiving and paragliding.

Córdoba is also well known for its nightlife, as its high proportion of young students (of the 1.3 million inhabitants 200,000 are students) make it a lively and exciting place to visit. There are many bars and clubs throughout the city. 


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