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Learn Spanish in Argentina

Take a Spanish course in Argentina, known for its steamy dance, the tango, beautiful scenery and juicy steaks.

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, so there is something here to suit all tastes: from the wild north and the mighty Iguazú falls to the otherworldly glaciers in Patagonia and the multicultural metropolis of Buenos Aires. Of course, the climate differs as much as the terrain, with hot, dry weather in the Cuyo dessert (reaching up to 50°C) and cool summers and strong winds in Patagonia. 

Argentina has a strong European influence, with many inhabitants being of Italian, Spanish, French or British descent. You will notice this reflected in the architecture and fashion. The other major cultural influence in Argentina comes from the gauchos, known for their traditional country lifestyle. 

The Spanish spoken in Argentina differs to that which is spoken in other Latin American countries, which is what gives Argentinean Spanish its seductive charm. In Argentina, they use the pronoun vos instead of tú, with its alternate verb endings, and you will find that accents vary between regions.


Learn Spanish in

Argentina - Travel Guide

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Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS)

Tip / Propina: 10% is expected

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in Argentina.

Voltage & Sockets
220 V (as in Europe) European plug with two round metal pins Australian plug with two flat oblique and one flat vertical metal pin

The typical Argentine food is the asado, beef and lamb grilled over an open fire. The Argentine steaks are legendary. The Italian immigrants also had a great influence on Argentine cuisine. Pasta and pizza are widespread.

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