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Learn Portuguese in Portugal

Study Portuguese in Portugal, the western-most country in Europe known for its beautiful beaches and enchanting architecture.

A country with a turbulent history, the Celts, Romans, Christians and Moors have all left a mark on Portugal's architecture and culture. As a result, here you can visit the Roman Temple of Évora, various Moorish castles and mosques, as well as see gothic and baroque masterpieces.

From the granite rocks of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês and lush vineyards in the North to its dramatic coastline and sand dunes, Portugal is also full of beautiful scenery. Add to this its picturesque historical towns, enchanting fishing villages and the beautiful capital Lisbon with its hilly streets, trendy boutiques and lively nightlife, and you'll see why Portugal is such a popular holiday destination. Here you can explore the UNESCO World Heritage towns of Tomar or Batalha, relax on the Algarve beaches, attend one of the country's incredible festivals or enjoy windsurfing or sailing along the coast.

Portuguese cuisine is simple but delicious, featuring seafood, smoked meats, cheese, fresh bread and red wine or younger vinho verde. After dinner, why not head to a fado concert to hear this music which is so central to Portuguese culture. Fado literally means destiny or fate, which gives you a hint as to the tone of this traditional musical genre: fado is characterized by its melancholic sound and mournful lyrics, which give it a hypnotic, haunting quality that can't fail to seduce.


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Portugal - Travel Guide

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Currency: Euro (EUR)

Portugal is a country where the habit of tipping as been growing. You should tip in restaurants, hotels and in other services. It is common to leave between 10% of the total amount, although it'is not compulsory. Especially in tourist areas, the tip is often already included.

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in Portugal.

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