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Learn Italian in Orbetello

Relax in the midst of nature in Orbetello, a captivating coastal town in Tuscany.

Located on a narrow strip of land on a lagoon, Orbetello is a quiet and safe relaxed village that attracts visitors looking for peace and to admire its intriguing flora and fauna. This town is 140 km from Rome and has the peculiarity of being located between the mainland and the Monte Argentario peninsula, with long beaches extending all the way to the peninsula. There is the beautiful Feniglia beach with its fine sand and pine forests, and Gianella, quieter and more solitary, and favorite place for those who like to sail thanks to the great waves it receives.

Formerly an Etruscan settlement from 280 BC, the town has great historical importance and was fought for between nobles and powerful families because of its excellent location. Its interesting history can be seen in its historic center, with mostly Spanish architecture mixed with a Mediterranean feel, and Etruscan walls that still stand and can be visited today.

Orbetello is also known for being a great place for camping and outdoor activities, with many nature reserves in its surroundings, where you can observe different birds and animals. The Orbetello lagoon is recognized as a natural protected area for its varied biodiversity, and for its ancient Spanish mill from the year 1500, which is located right in the middle of the lagoon.


Schools in Orbetello