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Learn German in Cologne

Learn German in Cologne, a favorite German tourist destination thanks to its historical architecture, impressive river and different activities on offer for all types of tourists, who will enjoy every moment learning the language in this city.

Cologne, built on the banks of the Rhine, was founded by the Romans in the first century, being one of the strongest Roman settlements during this period, surviving attacks by the Vikings and the Francs. By the Middle Ages the settlement had already grown into one of the largest commercial centers in Europe, from which it grew to its current status. The city’s history can be seen as you walk its stone-cobbled streets and visit the numerous medieval-style buildings, churches and Roman ruins which are scattered throughout the city. Sights which one cannot miss include the “Kölner Dom” (Cologne Cathedral) an imposing gothic structure which stretches into the sky, the pride of the city’s people and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sites of Interest
Cologne has a lot to offer, starting with the multiple museums. History buffs will find themselves in the Romano-Germanic Museum where you can learn about the entire city’s history, and for those with a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Museum, located on the banks of the Rhine River, tells the history of chocolate in all of its forms. If you would like to go shopping, Schildergasse is a busy commercial street and a pathway between different city districts.   

Drink the famous Kölsch beer in the taverns of the old town, and treat yourself to delicious typical food in one of its many restaurants. Relax by taking a boat trip along the Rhine River, or cross the river with a view from one of the cable cars as you explore the city. Couples love to visit the Hohenzollern bridge, the oldest bridge in the city, where lovers hang padlocks with messages of love on the barriers.

Every year, people from all the world meet at 11.11 on the 11 of November to celebrate the start of Carnival, a culturally important event in Germany, which is also known as the “fifth season of the year”. This event runs until Ash Wednesday and taking a break at Christmas. During the carnival, three representatives are chosen to be the “Jungfrau, Prinz and Bauer”, (the virgin, the prince and the peasant), people which are responsible with filling the streets with color and fun and to be presented in the most important parades.  


Schools in Cologne

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