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Learn French in France

Renowned for its gastronomy, history, culture and fashion, France is a fantastic destination for your French course. One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, there are many different types of scenery and activities on offer:  from iconic Parisian architecture and glamorous beaches in the French Riviera, to rolling green countryside and fairy tale castles and forests.

A country famed for its artists, writers and musicians, France has an overhwelming cultural offering for visitors. The French cuisine and café culture is also a popular draw, in particular, the famously good cheese, wine and of course, pâtisserie.

France's climate is as varied as its scenery, with fresher temperatures in the North, snow in the Alps and Mediterranean summers in the South. When choosing the destination for your French course, it is also worth bearing in mind that accents differ from North to South and there are some regional languages spoken, albeit by a small percentage of the population.


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France - Travel Guide

Find out about the required documentation for entry into your destination country. It is mandatory to have appropriate medical insurance during the entire duration of your stay abroad.

The security situation is subject to changes over time. We therefore recommend that you visit the website gov.uk or travel.state.gov for further information.

For general health information we recommend travelhealthpro.org.uk and fitfortravel.nhs.uk.

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Tip / Propina: A tip of 5% is adequate. In the case of payment by credit card, the tip is left in cash.

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in France.

Voltage & Sockets
In France the voltage of 220 volts is used. Sometimes it can happen that there is a 110 volt connection. For the hair dryer and the shaver the "Europlug" (type C or F) is common in Europe. However, it is recommended to carry an adapter, just in case, as the power connections may have a different shape than your country.

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