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Learn English in South Africa

South Africa, the country found at the extreme south of the African continent is a destination of pure adventure which will captivate you. Visit South Africa and live the experience of taking a language course abroad!

A grand variety of landscapes, cultures, languages and wildlife make South Africa a fascinating tourist destination. Since the end of Apartheid in the 90s, South Africa is well on its way in the search for its identity between a modern colonized country and its African traditions.

South Africa is known for its linguistic diversity, with eleven official languages. This unique characteristic has given the country its nickname of “the rainbow nation”. Among the official languages of the country are Zulu, Tsonga, Afrikaans and of course English. Children here are taught English at school from a young age, but must also learn another language. Learn English in South Africa, a beautiful country which you will never forget.


Learn English in

South Africa - Travel Guide

Find out about the required documentation for entry into your destination country. It is mandatory to have appropriate medical insurance during the entire duration of your stay abroad.

Safety and security
The security situation is subject to changes over time. We therefore recommend that you visit the website gov.uk or travel.state.gov for further information.

For general health information we recommend travelhealthpro.org.uk and fitfortravel.nhs.uk.

Currency: South African Rand (ZAR)
For longer trips, it can pay to open a bank account locally in order to be able to withdraw even small amounts free of charge. However, you will need a student visa and confirmation from your English school. The import of foreign currency into South Africa is limited to 5'000 Rand. Since this can change at any time, you should seek advice from your bank.

For good service in a restaurant, about 10% tip will be given. Suitcase carriers at the airport receive approx. 5 edge. If you stay in a hotel, you can thank the chambermaid or suitcase carrier with about 2 ZAR per piece of luggage or night. You pay the taxi driver an additional 10%.

On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in South Africa.

The voltage of 220/230 volts corresponds to that of Western Europe. However, an adapter is required as the sockets are different from ours. (see picture)

It should be noted that during the winter months it also gets cold at night in South Africa. Take a look at our climate graphs to help you pack!

Fun facts
Did you know that the minibus taxis - the Zola Budd's - were named after the sprinter Zola Budd? Just like the South African sportsman, they are fast and reliable.

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