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Learn English in Malta

Take an English course on the Mediterranean island of Malta, a dream destination for those who like sunshine, sea and water sports.

Lying to the south of Sicily but north of Africa, Malta is an island paradise with beautiful coves and beaches. Over centuries, Malta has been home to people from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, all of whom have left an impact on the culture. The local cuisine, for example, mixes Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavors, but it was the British who left the most lasting impact. Malta was under British rule for 150 years, leaving English as the island’s official language. However, Malta has not lost its own culture and language, but rather assimilated various cultural influences from its history thus giving the island a unique identity. The Maltese people are known for being friendly and welcoming, and the overall atmosphere on the island is relaxed. 

Outside your English course there is plenty to keep you busy on the island. With its lovely climate, low cost of living and some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean, it is a popular holiday destination. Here there are excellent opportunities for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. For those interested in history, Malta also has some fascinating museums and temples, as well as Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an ancient underground necropolis carved from rock. 


Learn English in

Malta - Travel Guide

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Currency: Euro (EUR)
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On the website numbeo you can find more information about the cost of living in Malta.

The voltage of 240 volts does not correspond to that of Western Europe. However, many devices such as mobile phones and notebooks work with 100 - 240 volts and can either be switched or do this automatically. If this is not the case, you need a voltage converter. It's best to have a look at the user manual. An adapter is needed in any case, as the sockets are different from ours. (see picture)

Fun facts
Did you know that some films of "Asterix and Obelix" were shot on Malta?

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