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Learn English in Newcastle

Learn English in Newcastle, a place where a rich history and a contemporary bohemian lifestyle live together in tranquil harmony.

Newcastle (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) is built on the banks of its namesake, the Tyne River, which has played an important role throughout history. This strategic location made Newcastle an important port city, and a critical part of the Industrial Revolution. Newcastle and the River Tyne are today ideal destinations for nature lovers, where you can visit the nearby forests and relax on the river’s shores.


At over 2,000 years old, Newcastle is one of the oldest cities in England, and has been invaded by the Romans, Vikings and Saxons. During the first part of the Middle Ages, the Newcastle castle (which also gives the city its name) was built as a fort. Today it is one of the city's must see destinations if you would like to learn more about its fascinating history. Newcastle’s cultural district, Ouseburn, is also located nearby. Here you can marvel at century-old buildings, drink a coffee in one of the many quirky cafes or visit the famous Victoria Tunnel which was used as an air-raid shelter during World War II. Also of interest is Hadrian’s Wall, the famous fortification built by Romans to protect the city from invasion, which can still be visited today.

Sites of interest

Today, Newcastle is a key commercial and cultural center in northern England, and its reputation as a party destination makes it a favorite with many university students. The Bigg Market, a former town marketplace, is one of the most popular places to meet at the start of a night out on the town and has been a popular meeting spot since it was used as a market in medieval times up to today. The Quayside is also a popular area, where there are numerous pubs and restaurants that you can visit whilst taking in the fantastic view of the river. A walk across the Gateshead Millenium Bridge is also a must, especially during the summer months when light illuminations take place. You can also visit the famous Angel of the North, a contemporary sculpture, and monument which is also one of the city's icons.


Many visitors have fallen in love with the unique accent of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne locals. If you spend time here, you will certainly pick up some of the special characteristics of the Geordie dialect, including some typical expressions which the friendly locals will be more than happy to teach you. This fun approach to learning will give your language course something that you won’t find elsewhere and will give you many opportunities to practice your new language skills. The fact that the Geordie accent and slang are so popular throughout the country and is associated with a positive image says a lot about the city and its locals. Study English in Newcastle, where many tourists supposedly visit just to learn a bit of the Geordie accent.  


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