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Learn English in Byron Bay

Learn English in Byron Bay, the fascinating seaside resort on the eastern tip of Australia that was named after the English sailor and explorer John Byron. 

With its year-round perfect weather conditions, Byron Bay is ideal for surfing, swimming or relaxing on one of the paradise-like beach. Here you also have the incredible opportunity to see whales during a whale watching tour as the bay lies directly on the humpback whale annual migration route. 

However, Byron Bay is not only a favorite destination for water sports and nature lovers, it also enchants artists, bohemians and adventurers as it has a reputation for being a hippie town. Take a stroll down Johnson Street, the busy shopping avenue that is lined with art galleries, expositions, quirky shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes and lots of live entertainment. You also shouldn't miss the colorful markets that take place all over the region. Once the sun goes down, Byron Bay has a great nightlife, with numerous music events and delicious cocktail bars. 

The region surrounding Byron Bay also features amazing landscapes, with subtropical rainforests, waterfalls, rivers and fruit plantations. For those interested in exploring these areas further, there are plenty of hikes you can take in local national parks. We particularly recommend getting up early one day to watch the sunrise from Cape Byron.


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