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A more mature vision

Language courses abroad for students aged 50 and above

Learning a language abroad is an incredible experience for individuals of all ages. By studying with students of your age group and language level you will ensure you make the most of your time abroad.

When selecting a language course abroad, knowing the age of your fellow students is important as it can have an impact on the teaching methods, topics covered in class and on the types of extra-curricular activities offered.

Our partner schools offer a variety of age specific language courses so that you are guaranteed to be placed with other students of the same age, who are therefore likely to have similar motivation to learn and may share your interests and experiences. Our 50+ Courses are available exclusively to students aged 50 and above.

The majority of our partner school’s 50+ Courses combine language learning in small groups with cultural activities, giving you an all-encompassing experience in your chosen destination and enabling you to get to know your classmates better and practice your new language skills in real life scenarios. Some schools also offer different accommodation options that are separated from much younger students.


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